​​The 29th Annual

​Contemporary Issues in Urology

presented by Loma Linda University & the University of Southern California

  • Oct. 1 - Vendor Registration OPEN
  • Feb 1 - Fees due
  • Feb 1 - Hotel registration deadline for discounted rate
  • ​Feb 23 - Vendor move-in/Set-up
  • Feb 26 - End of Meeting


Department of Health and Human Services: Office of Inspector General Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

 To reduce the risks that an educational grant is used improperly to induce or reward product purchases or to market product inappropriately, manufacturers should separate their grant making functions from their sales and marketing functions. Effective separation of these functions will help insure that grant funding is not inappropriately influenced by sales or marketing motivations and that the educational purposes of the grant are legitimate. Manufacturers should establish objective criteria for making grants that do not take into account the volume or value of purchases made by, or anticipated from, the grant recipient and that serve to ensure that the funded activities are bona fide. The manufacturer should have no control over the speaker or content of the educational presentation. Compliance with such procedures should be documented and regularly monitoredType your paragraph here.

LLU’s CME policy based on the above guidance:

 Arrangements for commercial exhibits or advertisements cannot influence planning or interfere with the presentation, nor can they be a condition of the provision of commercial support for CME activities.

a)     Exhibit fees shall be separate and distinct from educational grants (they are not considered commercial support).  Exhibitors should sign LLU’s Exhibitors Letter of Agreement.

b)     Exhibit fees shall be set by CME Office for each activity and will be standard for that activity; potential exhibitors shall have equal access to purchasing exhibit space (first come-first serve).

c)     All exhibitors must be in a room or area separate from the education and the exhibits must not interfere or in any way compete with the learning experience prior to, during, or immediately after the activity.

Commercial interest (pharmaceutical) representatives may attend CME activities at the discretion of CME Office for the direct purpose of the representatives’ own education; however, they may not engage in sales or marketing activities while in the space or place of the educational activity.  They are not allowed to make any comments during a presentation.  

Please use the form below to start the vendor registration process. Please note, submitting the form does not automatically make you an exhibitor nor does it take the place of an official agreement. You will be sent an Exhibitor Registration form and invoice for your space. 


Important Dates

​​​Contemporary Issues in Urology stands out as a unique and intimate gathering of  regional academic & community urologists. Each year, these physicians come eager to learn and to find new services and products that will improve their patients' experience and enhance their practice.

We are requesting industry support in the form of an exhibitor's fee or unrestricted educational grants to assist us in providing an optimal educational experience for the attendees. We will again have dedicated space and time for industry representatives to display material and meet with the physicians.


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